Fork Fixtures are available

I spent a rainy Saturday finishing up 6 fork fixture kits.  The 5 prototypes that I made have been in use for about 6 months now and everyone who has reported back has been very happy with the kit.  The fork jig is designed to be fast to setup, accurate, and to provide a lot of brazing access.

For $90+$10 shipping you get this:

With the assembly instructions, around $100 in other parts, and an hour of time you can turn it into this:

 This is probably the only batch of kits that I’ll have available for a while, I want to make progress on some of my other projects. Email me (alex at phred dot org) if you’d like one and I’ll send you an invoice via PayPal.  Seattle residents can pick them up in person and save $10.

Sorry, I’m not shipping internationally right now.  I will start that back up in the spring.


  1. Darron Coppin says:

    Do you have any more jig kits ?

  2. Jeremy says:

    Do you have any of these left?

  3. Alex Wetmore says:

    Sorry, i”m out of both fork kits and alignment gauges.

  4. Steve Carter says:

    Alex, if you decide to do another run of both the fork kits and alignment gauges, please count me in for 2 of each. I used your alignment gauge at Dave Bohm’’s framebuilding course and I don”t know what I am going to do without it as I build my first solo frame.

    Hope you had a great summer.



  5. Jim G says:

    Hi Alex,

    Count me in if you decide to make any more of these! Thanks!